About this Blog....

'To be vunerable, have courage, an open heart and a happy soul'.......
these are on my essential list for living.
I started this blog because I found myself always discussing, debriefing and questioning the way I live my life. I have found that just to 'talk and write' can be some of the best therapy anyone could wish for, and so I felt this blog could be a further exploration of these mere 'wonderments' .....
so let's find out I guess?

Happy. Brave. Mind

What does it mean to have a happy soul, a brave spirit and a peaceful mind?
Are these even attainable in this whirlwind world we live in today?
Here's a blog to ponder it all......
from one soul searcher who wants more

Photography is another one of my passions.

Please note all photography is my own unless otherwise stated.

I don't mind sharing, as long as people ask :)